Sunday, March 2, 2008

Volume Manipulation... maybe

Finally it worked.
I managed to manipulate the volume of an audio file. I tried with MP3 and WAV and it worked.
The thing that I don't understand yet is that I am not controlling the control called "SOUND".
Let me say it again:
I can manipulate some controls, when I print out which controls I have permission to do so I get:
- Master Gain
- Mute
- Balance
- Pan

If you see from the list, the Volume control is not there.
So I tried each one of them and I found out that PAN makes the sound come from a specific side, that is, I can specify if the full sound will come from the left speaker, the right speaker, 50 50 or for example 20% of the sound from the left and 80% from the right. While MASTER_GAIN helps me play with the volume, but it is weird. If I put it on a scale from 0 (no sound) to 100 (full sound), when I reach around 70, I am not able to hear anything. And is because of this behavior that makes me not confident on this control to be the one handling the volume.
Do you have any idea what MASTER_GAIN means?

I will finish the corpus this week. I am half done.

We will talk later about that when I send it to you.
And also I will send you some pointers about how to write the thesis. That I got from uni.

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Unknown said...

This sounds like good news. On the master gain issue could it have something to do with that the dB scale is logarithmic? So the difference after an increases after 70 might be more audible? Not sure... seems strange anyhow!

I read the txt file and it gives a good general overview. I'll be changing the structure of the document a little bit based on it.